Classic  Pico De Gallo

Classic pico de gallo is fresh, flavorful, and sure to please the most discerning of taste buds.

This traditional Mexican condiment is easy to make and packs in a robust flavor thanks to fresh veggies, herbs, and lime.


- Jalapenos - Cilantro - Tomatoes - Lime - Garlic

Start by dicing the tomatoes, onion, jalapeño pepper (ribs and seeds removed), and cilantro.

Step 1

Place the chopped vegetables into a medium bowl and add in the freshly minced garlic and a squeeze of lime juice.

Step 2

Season with salt and pepper to taste, then give it all one final stir.

Step 3

For the best flavor, allow the pico de gallo to rest for at least 15 minutes before serving. This will give the lime juice time to work its magic.

Step 4

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